Get Started: The Basic Steps to Becoming a Supervisor of a Flex Worker


1.  Get Familiar with Flexible Work at Mason

• Review the Flexible Work Options that are available for workers

• Review the Policies and Responsibilities related to Flexible Work

• Review the page Working Remotely: A Guide to Maintaining Continuity and determine what you believe is the right level of resources and tools for your worker’s needs. Your worker will meet with you to discuss and confirm the level of resource that is appropriate for the tasks that your worker will do at home. Consult your telecom coordinator to discuss the options based on your budget and the level of resource support you feel is appropriate to do the tasks.

• Consult with HR & Payroll for answers to question you may have about this process, or your telecom coordinator for questions you have about the technology options.

2.  Meet with Your Prospective Flexible Worker

• Meet with your prospective flexible worker to discuss the appropriate flexible work tasks, days, and work times, etc. that are appropriate for the flexible worker.

• Discuss the Technology Tools you feel are appropriate for the flexible worker. Be prepared to discuss what options you feel are appropriate for their tasks and what your department is willing and not willing to pay for.

• For future consideration, you may want to create departmental procedures related to flexible work that include guidelines on what jobs and tasks are eligible, what resources are appropriate for those jobs and tasks, and what funding, if any, is available to support flexible work options.  Include any funding support as an addenda to the flexible work agreement.

3.  Make it Happen!

• Help your flexible worker determine which form applies to them. The employee can launch and submit the Standard Telework Agreement and Mason Flexible Work Agreement themselves. As the supervisor, you will need to launch and fill out Mason’s Out-of-State/International Full-Time Telework Worker Request Form.

• If changes need to be made to the form, learn how to review the agreement using Dynamic Forms (Remote Work Agreement)

• Have the agreement reviewed/approved based upon your unit’s procedures. Once fully approved, authorize your flexible worker to order the appropriate technology Technology Tools.