The information you need to know and the steps you need to take to learn if flexible work is right for you.

Get Started: The Basic Steps to Becoming a Flexible Worker

1.  Get Familiar with Flexible Work at Mason


2.  Meet with Your Supervisor

  • • Determine if your department supports Flexible Work arrangements and if Flexible Work is an option for your position
  • • Discuss your Technology Tools and any anticipated costs related to technology

3.  Make it Happen!

Exempt Classified/Non-Exempt Classified: Something to Keep in Mind

• Non-exempt classified staff record their hours worked each day and incur overtime in any week they go over 40 hours. This can come into play in the compressed schedule area. Non-exempt employees can work a compressed schedule but they cannot go over 40 hours in one week without incurring overtime. To achieve a non-work day every other week, they could work four 10-hour days one week and five 8-hour days the next.

Using Flexible Work to Transition Before or After an Extended Absence

• If appropriate to the situation and with supervisor and department head approval, Telework can be used to transition in/out of on-site work during a life event such as an injury, surgery, or the birth/adoption of a child.

• It can also be combined with FMLA to address family care giving needs.

• Contact the Benefits Team to further discuss the options.

It’s important to remember that Flexible Work is not for every position or every person. If you think it might be an option for you or those you supervise, we encourage you to explore the rest of the site to gain insight into the process and procedures associated with Flexible Work options at Mason.