From June 18-August 12, 2017 it is strongly suggested that departments integrate some type of flexwork into their daily operations. An abbreviated, 1 page agreement is available here. Click here for FS@M flyer.


There are crucial steps that need to be taken before initiating or approving remote work situations, both domestic and international. Remote work creates significant implications to your work. If you are considering remote work, you must first consult with Human Resources and Payroll (hr@gmu.edu).  If your remote work location is considered a “hazardous travel area’, you must also consult with the University Travel Advisory Committee. Additionally, please remember that student workers are not eligible for remote work through Mason.


ITS has launched 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for employees who use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Visit 2fa.gmu.edu today for instructions and to enroll. For questions, contact ITS Support Center at 703-993-8870 or support@gmu.edu.


ITS and HR & Payroll are happy to come to your department to discuss flexible work options. E-mail us at worklife@gmu.edu.


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On the Flexible Work web site you will find all the information and resources you need to learn how a Flexible Work arrangement can help support successful and productive work/life choices.

  • Options – Discover all of your choices for Flexible Work at Mason 

  • Get Started – Approved for a Flexible Work Option?  Follow the Basic Steps here to make Flexible Work a reality 

  • Technology Tools – Learn about your technology options

  • Get Help – Reach the people who can answer questions and help you every step of the way 

  • Resources – Use the information here to learn about, successfully manage, and utilize Flexible Work

  • Forms – Find links to all the paperwork you need 

  • FAQs – Get answers to all your questions 

  • Policies – Become familiar with important policies related to Flexible Work 

  • Training – Learn how to be an effective Flexible Worker and how it can benefit you and your department

After reviewing the site, if you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Work/Life Team at worklife@gmu.edu.




*The information contained on this web site is for general purposes only. We hope you find this information useful, but it is not definitive. If a discrepancy exists between this information and Mason or Commonwealth policy and/or state and federal guidance or laws, the policies, guidance, or law will take precedence.

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