Banner and Related Administrative Systems Security
(University Policy Number 1306)

The purpose of this policy is to secure sensitive data in Banner and related administrative systems through access limitations, approval processes, training, and oversight.

Data Stewardship
(University Policy Number 1114)

This policy governs the privacy, security, and confidentiality of university data, especially highly sensitive data, and the responsibilities of institutional units and individuals for such data.

Family Medical Leave
(University Policy Number 2215)

This policy sets forth eligibility and procedures related to the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993.

Flexible Work
(University Policy Number 2202)

This policy reviews Flexible Work options, compliance, and suitability.

Inventory Control of Office & Educational Equipment & Furniture
(University Policy Number 2104)
This administrative policy implements the Commonwealth of Virginia’s policies and the university’s inherent obligation to exercise appropriate stewardship and accountability for all equipment.

Payment of Telework or Remote Work Expenses
(University Policy Number 2113)

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Telework or Remote Work expenses paid by George Mason University are justifiable and comply with federal income tax rules.

Reporting Electronic Security Incidents
(University Policy Number 1305)
This policy requires users of information technology devices connected to the Mason network to report all electronic security incidents promptly to the appropriate person or office and to be in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Responsible Use of Computing
(University Policy Number 1301)
This policy sets forth the responsibilities of each member of the Mason community in preserving the security, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of Mason computing resources.

Staff and Faculty Recording and Submitted Hours Worked
(University Policy Number 2205)
This policy sets forth responsibilities, procedures, and definitions related to accurate and timely reporting and approval of hours worked and leave taken.

Telephone Use
(University Policy Number 2204)
This policy outlines appropriate telephone usage for all university faculty, staff, wage, and contract employees.

University Owned Cellular Equipment
(University Policy Number 1124)
This policy governs the issuance, use, and custodianship of all university-owned cellular equipment.

Work Schedules and Attendance for Classified Employees
(University Policy Number 2216)
This policy specifies regular work hours for classified employees and includes timesheet, compensatory leave, and overtime guidelines.