Yes. Flexible Work is not mandatory, universal, nor an entitlement. The goal is to create a win-win situation that effectively balances the needs of the department and its employees. Flexible Work arrangements work best when they contribute positively to employees’ work/life balance, while not negatively impacting their productivity and availability. Supervisors need to assess the impact of Flexible Work arrangements on their department’s continuity of operations, customer service, and goals when making scheduling decisions.

In many cases, Flexible Work is a successful option but not always. The key to making it successful is flexibility on the part of both the employee and the department. Staffing, work flow, project demands, and the kind of position you have all impact Flexible Work arrangements.

Flexible Work is never going to allow everyone in a department to work a compressed schedule of four 10-hour days with every Friday off, but it may allow everyone a chance to take a day off with the right arrangement.