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My children or elder relative are self-s...

My children or elder relative are self-sufficient and do not need my care. Can they be in the home when I’m Teleworking?

As with many questions, this one depends. Even older children or a self-sufficient older relative can distract you from your work. It’s important to be honest with yourself and your supervisor. Are your children old enough and mature enough to be self-managing? Do family members understand the boundary between work and non-work? Will you be […]

What is the difference between a formal ...

What is the difference between a formal Flexible Work arrangement and an informal one?

A formal Flexible Work arrangement is negotiated in advance, initiated through the Flexible Work policies and procedures, documented using the approved forms, and is reviewed and assessed after 90 days. Additionally, if the Flexible Work Agreement is approved to continue after the 90-day trial, the agreement is renewed at least annually. Individual departments can administer […]

May I Telework if the public schools are...

May I Telework if the public schools are closed?

Perhaps. It’s best to work out these questions in advance with your supervisor so that if a situation arises, expectations and procedures are clearly defined. If you need to implement Flextime or Telework for a limited time, you would work with your supervisor to create an “informal” Flexible Work arrangement that does not need to […]

Do I have to Telework on a day when the ...

Do I have to Telework on a day when the university is closed for inclement weather?

Yes. One of the business-case reasons to encourage Telework and Remote Work is continuity of operations. Additionally, the university’s policy on Flexible Work requires that employees working from home during a university closing are expected to continue working unless it is not possible due to power outages or other conditions that prevent them from working. […]

How do I communicate with colleagues at ...

How do I communicate with colleagues at work?

It is important that communications not suffer when you utilize a Flexible Work arrangement. Instant messaging, Facetime/Skype, e-mail, telephone, and videoconferencing (including desktop conferencing) can all be used to keep people connected. For some tips on how to stay connected when you are working off site, see How to Stay in the Loop, A Teleworker’s […]

Will Teleworking cost anything?

Will Teleworking cost anything?

Mason is not responsible for operating costs, home maintenance, or other incidental costs related to Telework. Reimbursable expenses such as long distance phone or ISP costs are discussed by the employee and the employee’s department. Additionally, Accounts Payable will not reimburse an employee for costs associated with Telework unless there is a Flexible Work Agreement […]