What is Telework? 

Telework, to put it simply, is taking advantage of advancing technology to adapt a workspace remotely, usually from home. Telework is often an accommodation but can also be an arrangement that suits both employee and employer and their efforts to provide virtual services and continue business operations. During this emergency situation, telework is being expanded and we will be implementing a more lax protocol regarding the policy.


Successful Telework Includes

  • • Review of University Policy 2202 – Flexible work
  • • Review of University Policy 1301– Responsible Use of Computing
  • • Employees should complete the  the Flexible Work Agreement  or Remote Work Agreement when they are able
    • • The completion of the Flexible Work Agreement is not a prerequisite to initiate telework. We ask that you complete the form when you are able so that expectations are clear and documented in the “Additional Comments” section.  The emergency telework option should be selected as this arrangement is not necessarily intended to be permanent.
  • • Appropriate equipment to complete work on time and properly
    • • Supervisors and employees should have discussions regarding hardware and software that are necessary to continue operations.
  • • Self-motivation and the ability to remain task driven with minimal supervision


Tools for Teleworking

 Computer/laptop – VPN Access – MS Outlook – MS Teams – Phone –Zoom

  • • Computer/Laptop/Tablet Devices are a variety of hardware options available to assist you in performing your telework and remote work duties, including desktop computers, laptops, and tablet devices.
  • • Microsoft Teams provides chat, audio calling, video calling, screen share, and more with individuals and groups outside of a team structure.
  • • Voice Communication from your alternate work location can be a critical component of your Flexible Work arrangement.  There are a variety of devices and services that enable you to easily communicate from any location.
  • • Internet Connectivity provides connectivity to e-mail and other services and applications, and Telework and Remote Work employees need to access the Internet at their alternate location.
  • • Data Security is an important component of telework. Please follow ITS guidance regarding computing safely.
  • • Zoom is a cloud-based web conferencing tool for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars.
  • • Software there are a variety of applications that connect to Mason’s servers, e-mail, and calendar, as well as other telecommunications software, security/antivirus software, and productivity applications.
  • • Other Hardware are additional components that may be necessary.
  • • ITS Support Center


We’re Teleworking—Now What?

It is fair to say, things are looking a lot different for Mason employees.  We’re asking employees to work differently and we’re asking supervisors to manage differently.  We intend to set you up for success as you settle in for what is likely to be our new normal for the foreseeable future.


Working Remotely

We understand that there might be a learning curve with respect to your transition to 100% telework. The first thing you should do, after making sure you have everything you need to do your work, is speak with your supervisor regarding the expectations of your role during this time and how you will demonstrate that you’ve met those expectations.  For a lot of employees, it will be business as usual and you will be able to complete your duties just as you would if you were on campus.  For many other employees, however, duties and responsibilities have shifted to accommodate 100% telework during this unique circumstance.

After you have an understanding of what’s expected of you, make sure you have a plan of how to accomplish those things remotely and are familiar with using the tools you need to get your tasks done.  You are expected to be just as reachable as you were when you reported to campus, during your normal work hours.  If you have a need to change or flex your work hours, please speak with your supervisor to see if that request could be accommodated.