The tools below can help you stay connected while working at an alternate site. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

Cisco Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex Meeting, available at, is a cloud-based web conferencing tool that may be used for meetings and collaboration, allowing participants to share video, audio, and content—all online. Webex Meetings allows you to meet face-to-face using HD video conferencing; share your desktop, documents, or individual applications with everyone in the meeting. It provides collaboration with people within and outside of Mason. More information is available on the Webex Meetings page. For assistance, contact your Telecom Coordinator.


Skype is a cost-free Internet service that allows users to make and send video and voice calls to others on Skype. Skype users can also share files and instant messages. Additional information is available on the Skype web site.

VPN with SoftPhone

A software program for making telephone calls from your computer over the Internet. The softphone runs as a Windows application and performs just like an office phone with a Mason telephone extension. If your Flexible Work arrangement includes a Mason-provided VoIP softphone, you will need an Internet connection, VPN access, and a university-assigned laptop. There are software, equipment, and monthly recurring costs for this service which is part of the Telework Technology Service Bundle. Contact your Telecom Coordinator for assistance.