The information is this section will help you understand the technology tools available for Flexible Workers, the cost and responsibilities associated with them, and how to obtain the technology. Determining what you need, who will pay for it, and how it will work can be complicated. Consult with your Telecom Coordinator for guidance on technology packages and for additional assistance.

Basic Tools for Flexible Workers:

For detailed information about the basic tools below, see Technology Options and Costs fact sheet.

• Voice Communication from your alternate work location can be a critical component of your Flexible Work arrangement.  There are a variety of devices and services that enable you to easily communicate from any location.

• Computer/Laptop/Tablet Devices are a variety of hardware options available to assist you in performing your Telework and remote Work duties, including desktop computers, laptops, and tablet devices.

• Internet Connectivity provides connectivity to e-mail and other services and applications, and Telework and Remote Work employees need to access the Internet at their alternate location.

• Software are a variety of applications that connect to Mason’s servers, e-mail, and calendar, as well as other telecommunications software, security/antivirus software, and productivity applications.

• Other Hardware are additional components that may be necessary.

Choosing the Right Technology:

Use the guide and form below to help determine which technology tools you need. Once you have completed the Assessment, consult with your supervisor about your options.

• Working Remotely: A Guide to Maintaining Continuity

For information about the costs of technology tools see the Technology Options and Costs section of this site.Obtaining and Installing Technology:

The final step in the process is to work with your supervisor and Telecom Coordinator to order, set up, and install your technology.

ITS Support Center is available to assist you with technology installation and troubleshooting. Patriot Tech, which carries a full range of computers, devices, software, and accessories, provides consulting services and discounts to eligible consumers.

All Flexible Workers are responsible for compliance with university security polices and practices. Please review the IT Security Information page prior to the start of any Flexible Work arrangement.