Is Flexible Work Right For You?

At Mason, there are different types of flexible work options that way include a change of schedule, a change of location, or a combination. To find out more, visit the flexwork options page.

There Are Three Forms; Which Should I Use?

The Commonwealth’s Standard Telework Agreement is available in Dynamic Forms and is required of Mason classified staff requesting hybrid and fully- remote teleworking arrangements.  Employees requesting more than 1 day of remote work will have their Standard Telework Agreement sent to the Commonwealth for final approval.  Refer to  Policy 1.61: Teleworking. This policy only applies to Mason classified staff. 

Mason’s Flexible Work Agreement is available in Dynamic Forms and is designed to request Flextime, Compressed Work Schedule, Hybrid Telework, In-State Full-Time Telework, or a Combination of these flexible work types. Please note, this form cannot be used for full-time teleworkers outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mason’s Out-of-State/International Fulltime Telework/ Remote Worker Request is available in Dynamic Forms. This form is for full-time teleworkers outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including employees working remotely from out of state (including MD and DC). It can also be used to request full-time teleworker in an international location. This form cannot be initiated by the employee, it must be filled out by their supervisor. 



Flexible Work Arrangement Step-by-Step Guidance


Step 1: Meet with your supervisor

To evaluate whether flexible work is right for you, we recommend you and your supervisor complete the below assessments, then discuss. The assessments and manager-to-employee conversations will help determine whether flexible work is feasible.

Step 2: Launch and Complete the Flexible Work Agreement Forms in Dynamic Forms

Supervisors will launch and complete Mason’s Out-of-State/International Fulltime Telework/ Remote Worker Request.

Employees will initiate launch and complete the Standard Telework Agreement and Mason’s Flexible Work Agreement. Following completion of the each form,  supervisors will need to review, approve, and sign.

Step 4: Approvals

Mason’s Out-of-State/International Full-Time Telework/Remote Worker request- Refer to the Workflow and approval process

Standard Telework Agreements will be processed by HR & Payroll and sent to the Commonwealth of Virginia for final approval.  The Faculty and Staff Engagement Team will communicate all approvals with employees.

Mason’s Flexible Work Agreements will be approved by supervisors and processed by HR & Payroll.

Step 5: Evaluation

Supervisors and employees are encouraged to have open and continuous dialogue surrounding flexible work arrangements.

Step 6: Twelve Month Expiration of Flexible Work Agreement

Flexible Work Agreements last a maximum of 12 months. Following the 12months, if an employee wishes to continue working in a flexible work agreement, a new flexible work agreement form will need to be submitted.


Still have questions about Flexible Work? See our FlexWork Frequently Asked Questions for more information or reach out to the HR & Payroll Faculty and Staff Engagement Team at