The Basic Steps for Telecom Coordinators Supporting Flexible Work


1.  Get Familiar with Flexible Work Options, Tools and Resources

• Review the Flexible Work Options that are available for workers

• Review the Policies and Responsibilities related to Flexible Work

• Review the Telework Scorecard

• Review Working Remotely: A Guide to Maintaining Continuity

2.  Meet or Consult with Prospective Flexible Workers or Supervisors

• Discuss the Technology Tools related to technology you feel are appropriate for the flexible worker based on the needs of the worker and the needs of the department. Potential flexible workers and supervisors will seek your assistance and guidance to understand the level of technical resource that is appropriate for the tasks that flexible workers will do at home. They will consult you to understand the options that fit into their department’s budget and ask for your guidance for recommendations for the technical resources options appropriate to do their tasks.

3.  Make it Happen!

• Once the flexible worker has completed the  the Flexible Work Agreement  or Remote Work Agreement review the technology portion of the agreement and process the orders for the technology resources authorized by the approving supervisor.

• Process or send the associated order to ITS Support Center for processing.