A successful Flexible Work arrangement must work for both the department and the employee. Employees should realistically assess their ability to accomplish work outside traditional work schedules and/or locations. Your duties and responsibilities, personal work style, and interactions with colleagues and customers are factors that you need to consider when determining whether or not you can meet your performance goals and the missions of the department and university.

Excerpted from the Flexible Work policy:

1. Employees working offsite must comply with all state and University policies, practices and guidelines.  They must notify their supervisors immediately of any situation that interferes with their ability to perform their jobs.

2. Employees working offsite are responsible for the security and confidentiality of any information, documents, records, or equipment in their possession.  When the offsite work involves remote access of the University’s computer network, remote users must abide by the University’s security standards relating to remote access.  All remote access involving data stored on the University network requires encryption.  The University will provide the encryption mechanism that is appropriate for the level of access and the data involved.  Sensitive data should not be included in email messages unless there is some form of encryption being used.  See the Mason security website, http://itsecurity.gmu.edu/ for data security recommendations.

3. Employees must certify that the offsite work environment is safe and they must practice the same safety habits they would use on-site at Mason (a safety confirmation statement is included in the Telework/Remote Work Agreements).

4. Supervisors may require employees to report to a campus location as needed for work-related meetings or other events or may meet with employee in the Alternate Work Site as needed to discuss work progress or other work related issues.

5. Prior supervisory approval for overtime or compensatory time is required.

6.  Employees who are working from an Alternate Work Site must not take restricted access materials from the office without the written consent of their supervisor.

Please note:  The flexible work policy does not provide for every contingency that may arise.  Supervisors and employees entering into Flexible Work arrangements based upon this policy should endeavor to work together to resolve any unforeseen situation that may arise.  Employees and supervisors may start, modify, or end a Flexible Work Agreement at any time unless such agreement was a condition of employment.

The complete policy is available at http://universitypolicy.gmu.edu/policies/flexible-work/