Agreement Renewal Process

Flexible work agreements can run as long as 12 months. They can also be short — a matter of weeks.  Whatever the duration of your agreement, it’s important that you always keep it current.  Please submit your renewed agreement prior to the expiration of your current agreement.

Password Management

People Finder from Off-Site: to access People Finder from off-site, you need to log-in using your email user name and password (e.g. Patriot Pass credentials)

Telework and Remote Work Drop-In Office Locations

Timesheet Assistance for Compressed Schedules

• Compressed schedules impact how you record leave taken (exempt and non-exempt) and how a non-exempt employee completes his/her timesheet.  Someone on a compressed schedule will record hours that reflect their compressed schedule workday.  For example, a non-exempt employee working four 10-hour days would record 10 hours per day on their timesheet rather than 8.  The total for the week will remain the same, 40 hours.  Similarly, if a non-exempt or an exempt employee takes time off, they would record 10 hours of sick leave or annual leave, rather than 8 hours.  Non-accrued or awarded leave (e.g. holiday, university, etc.) has a maximum of 8 hours per day.  For a discussion of this type of leave with respect to compressed schedules, please visit the compressed schedule FAQ.

Timesheets and the Holidays

• If you are utilizing the compressed schedule flexible work option, you may wonder how to account for a holiday.  With your supervisor’s approval, you can go off your compressed schedule for the week in which the holiday occurs, work 8 hours each day, and take the 8 hours of holiday leave (pro-rated for part-time).

• If you choose to stay on your compressed schedule and the holiday falls on a day when you would normally not work, when you complete your timesheet, enter 8 hours under comp time earned.  You then have 8 hours of comp time that can be used, with the approval of your supervisor, anytime during the 12 months after the holiday.

• If the holiday falls on a day when you would normally work, please remember that you receive 8 hours of holiday pay for the holiday.  If you are on a 9 hour or 10 hour compressed schedule, you do have to account for the full amount of your work day on the holiday by working during that week or taking leave.

• For the Thanksgiving holiday and the week winter break begins, keep in mind that you have to account for 40 hours.  For example, during the week of Thanksgiving, full-time faculty and staff receive 20 hours of holiday leave (4 hours on Wednesday and 8 hours each on Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving).  Those on a compressed schedule must account for another 20 hours of work.  This might be done by working two 10 hour days (with a 30 minute unpaid lunch) on Monday and Tuesday.  Be sure to consult with your supervisor to arrive at a schedule that works for you and your department.

• Please note: In order to receive holiday pay you must be at work or on paid leave on the last workday before, any work hours on the day of a holiday (e.g. the day before Thanksgiving), and the first workday after an observed holiday to receive holiday pay.