Is Fulltime Telework (Remote Work) Right For You?

Fulltime Telework is an arrangement where an employee spends most, or all, of their working hours outside the traditional place of work. Visits to the campus are infrequent or the position is designed specifically for off-site work. Full-time Teleworkers may be work at 100% FTE or less.

Pease note, the ‘fulltime’ in fulltime telework does not refer to the FTE of an employee’s position. Part-time employees are considered to fulltime telework if they spend most, or all, of their scheduled working hours off campus or outside the traditional place of work.

Fulltime Teleworkers differ from Hybrid Teleworkers in that their visits to campus are infrequent, their location is sufficiently far away that daily commuting is not possible, or the position is designed specifically for off-site work. Fulltime teleworkers are further differentiated by whether they work within or outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • – In-state: Whereas the approved telework location is within the Commonwealth of Virginia. This group should complete the new Flexible Work Agreement in MasonLEAPS, and indicate the flexible work type is Fulltime Telework. Visit this page for directions.
  • – Out-of-state: Whereas this approved telework location is outside the Commonwealth of Virginia (including international worksites). This group should complete the Remote Work Request form using the directions below.

To evaluate whether fulltime telework is right for you, we recommend you and your manager complete the below assessments, then discuss. The assessments and manager-to-employee conversations will help determine whether remote work is feasible.

Employee Telework/Remote Work Self-Assessment (Docx)

Manager Telework/Remote Work Assessment (Docx)

Application Process for Fulltime Telework (Remote Work) outside the Commonwealth of Virginia

Remote work creates significant implications to your work. After an employee and manager agree that remote work is feasible, there are still crucial steps that need to be taken before approving fulltime work situations, both domestic and international.

Beginning in the Summer of 2021 we will be using the Fulltime Teleworker/ Remote Work Request Form (for remote workers outside of VA or outside of the U.S.). This form must be completed by the manager in Dynamic Forms. 

The revised form is designed to better manage the different review steps required prior to remote work being approved.

Managers or department heads will submit the form for the employee. Prior to starting the form, managers will want to gather the following information:

        • – Work Location Address (this is often the employee’s home address). The work location entered should be where the work is physically performed by the employee, not the campus address for the department.
        • – Employee name, G#, email, and phone number
        • – Employment information including type of appointment, hours per week, salary, travel required, and any additional compensation offered.
        • An employee position description or employee work profile to be uploaded
        • – The start date for fulltime telework and whether it is permanent of temporary (lasting less than 15 months).
        • – Department Information including executive level, unit. department, and fund/ org

After the form is submitted, it will automatically route through the steps shown in this Remote Work Request Workflow Explanation.

The final step is for the employee to sign off on the form. Employees will receive an email notification which will contain a link the employee may use to sign off on the form. To learn more about the approval steps your form will go through, watch this video.

The submitter can check form status and access completed forms at any time on the Dynamic Forms site by clicking “Forms History” on the homepage (shown below).


Application Process for Fulltime Telework/ Remote Work inside the Commonwealth of Virginia 

Employees fulltime teleworking within the Commonwealth of Virginia should use the Flexible Work Form in Mason Leaps. For more information on the form, please visit this page.

Additional Resources for Fulltime Teleworkers


Special Considerations for Fulltime Teleworkers

1. You must complete withholding and tax forms for the state in which you reside.

A) Federal

B) State

2. If you are hired directly into a Fulltime Telework position, you must complete the I-9 form prior to or on your first day of employment.

• Federal law requires that all employees hired after November 6, 1986 and working in the U.S. must complete a Form I-9.  Section 1 must be completed on or before the employee’s first day of work for pay and Section 2 must be completed within three business days of the first day.  If an employee has been hired to work at a remote or off-site location and/or is not physically available on campus to present the document(s) for verification, the hiring department must contact HR & Payroll.  Please call the HR & Payroll Customer Service Center at 3-2600 and they will refer you to the team who handles remote I-9 procedures.

3. Your travel to and from a Mason campus can be considered official business. Work with your supervisor to address the frequency of and budget for these visits.



Still have questions about Fulltime Telework? See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information or email